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    Kicks Band 30th Anniversary - Camelot

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    It’s been 30 years since The Kicks Band began.We’ve come a long way since our first gig at Kelly Murphy Park in Bonner, and we feel like throwing a great big party to celebrate. Join us for a fun yet elegant evening of dining and dancing at Camelot Ballroom.
    Call now to get your tickets.
    Address: 6635 W 151st St, Stanley, KS 66223
    Phone: (913) 897-4622

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    Kicks Band at Cascone's

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    Always the most fun in town. Great food, great music, what more could you ask for? Call now to make sure you aren’t left out!

    Johnny Cascones 913-381-6837

    6863 W. 91st St – Overland Park, KS